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People of Educate Uganda

Meet the people that make up
the core of Educate Uganda.


Educate Uganda Team

Generic placeholder imageRev. Fr. Michael Mukasa

Fr. Michael is our Uganda Treasurer. He provides valuable insight on each of the Educate Uganda programs, oversees aspects of the Secondary Program, is the contact person on St. Joseph’s primary school and is instrumental in all the work being accomplished in Uganda. His patient calm, laser focus and vast knowledge of the Ugandan education system are priceless!

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Mr. Ddumba Joseph
Educate Uganda School Coordinator

Joseph has worked with Educate Uganda since our inception. Without his “feet on the ground” in Uganda, our work would lack organization and follow through. His organizational skills and boundless energy are just two skills that help make Educate Uganda successful.

Generic placeholder imageMr. Ssenkungu Charles
Educate Uganda School Coordinator

Charles has also been with Educate Uganda from the very beginning. Charles brings wisdom and trustworthiness to our program. With his calm demeanor and years of educational experience, Charles has helped Educate Uganda become a much better organization.

Generic placeholder imageMrs. Namutebi Berna
Educate Uganda Team Member

Berna is our newest team member and has already showed us how lucky we are to have her on the Educate Uganda team. Berna is a teacher at the Sancta Maria Primary Teachers College and helps with the overall management of the Primary School program. She and Ddumba Joseph are also facilitating in-service training for the teachers at our partner schools.

Generic placeholder imageMr. Tenywa Mutyaba Vincent

Vincent is an integral part of the Educate Uganda team. He helps us assess the schools with the greatest needs; he thoroughly researches each construction project; we also love the way he mentors people working on the various job sites.


Our Board


Karen Van Dyke

I never could have imagined the abundance of love and joy that I would be blessed with because of the work done through Educate Uganda. The people we serve in Uganda are very poor and lack basic necessities that so many of us take for granted. Yet they have the richest spirits and warmest hearts. The children, the teachers and our staff have opened my soul to a new and better faith. It is a faith which takes control away from me and places trust in God. Although our primary focus is to help the orphaned children of Uganda, the ripple of help goes much further. The entire communities of Nkokonjeru and Kyamasansa have benefited from the donations through classrooms, staff housing, a meal program that helps all the children attending the school, new construction jobs and teacher assistance.


Greg Van Dyke
Vice President and Secretary

Through my involvment with Educate Uganda I have witnessed the tremendous impact we can make on the lives of these children. Knowing that a contribution of as little as $40 per year can literally save a child's life is overwhelming.

Fr. Michael

Rev. Fr. Michael Mukasa (Ph.D.)
Board Member and Program Consultant

There is no better way to empower people than to give them knowledge and opportunity. Here in Uganda, we have been so lucky and blessed to have a program like Educate Uganda that strives to educate children especially the most disadvantaged. Through its primary and secondary programs, EU has brought hope to the once hopeless kids; it has enabled so many kids to not just learn how to read and write but to even dream of becoming doctors, teachers, lawyers, priests, nuns and so on. Education is and will always be my passion since everything that I am is because I was given a chance to go to school. I am so honored and privileged to work with EU because it gives me space and opportunity to help others achieve and realize what I have, through education.

Fr. Michael

Fr. Jerry Herda
Board Member

I am delighted to serve on the Board of Directors for Educate Uganda. I have traveled to Uganda twice and have witnessed firsthand both the great need to help support the educating of children in Uganda as well as the wonderful work Educate Uganda has been able to accomplish in this rural area. The relationships formed with the people of Uganda is a very special bond of love and friendship. The support given to educate orphan children is not only enabling them to attend school, it is changing their lives and changing the community.

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Kim Gabaldon
Board Member

Educate Uganda embodies what every parent wants for their children - an education. We give the orphans in our program the opportunity to wake up each day and go to school.  An expectation that is not a given for many children in this small village.  Values are reinforced, responsibility taught and the gift of giving back to others is a must.  It is with love and compassion that EU has forged life long relationships; built schools, teachers quarters, latrines; and given hope to so many children and families.


Kathy Coziahr
Board Member

Educate Uganda holds a special place in my heart. How could it not? The children and their “families” are challenged every day to meet their basic needs yet they are the most joy-filled people that I have ever met. I believe that the guardians of the children assisted through Educate Uganda understand that the only way to change the future for the next generation is by educating the children of today. The sacrifices that the families make, in addition to the wonderful contributions of generous donors, will continue to strengthen the future for the many children assisted today.


Vince Van Dyke
Board Member

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Uganda three different times with my mom, sister, and close friends. Each trip was drastically different. However, generosity and love were consistently shown to us “m’zungu” on every trip. It is hard to say that I have a favorite memory, just because the experience as a whole was truly eye-opening. But my favorite part of the trips was always seeing the different children I sponsor at their schools. Getting to meet the child face-to-face was such a humbling experience. I felt instant connections with each of them. It was so cool seeing Isaac, the first child I ever sponsored, start in first grade and by the time I made my third trip, seeing how much he had grown and learned at his school!